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Musical Theater

Musical Theater
Classes provide cast members the chance to perform in and work on a full scale production.  Classes are divided by skill level as well as by age to provide for appropriate teaching levels and course materials.  Some class require auditions or special invitations.

Fall/Spring 2018-2019

Levels I, II & III

There will be 3 separate casts for this upcoming show.  Each cast will rehearse once per week, August thru April.  Each cast will have their own show.

A class designed to introduce students to the basics of theater including an overview of voice, sight-singing, acting, characterization, and basic stage movement. This class will familiarize students with the unique language of the stage while providing a basic understanding of the art of staging and special effects. All students will be cast in the Production.  

Tuition:  $90 per month    August - April

Cast I    Saturdays 10:00am- 12:00pm
Cast II   Tuesdays 4:30-6:00PM
Cast III    Tuesdays 6:00-7:30pm

Show Date: April 2019
Rehearsals begin:  August 21, 2018

Levels IV, V, & VI

There will be 2 separate cast for this  show.  Each cast will rehearse once per week, August thru June.  Each cast will have their own show.
A class designed for those with moderate & advanced experience in voice, dance, and theater. This class will focus on developing a deeper understanding of the literary concepts in drama, musical nuance and the art of voice expression. Staging concepts and language will be used regularly and students will be expected to attend most rehearsals. All students accepted into the class will be cast in the Production

Tuition:  $95 per month
     August- June

 Rehearsals Cast I   Wednesdays  7:00-8:30pm
Rehearsals Cast II  Thursdays   4:30pm - 6pm 
Rehearsals begin Aug 22, 2018            
Show dates:  June 2019

Show October 2018

Competitive Musical Theater  --

Age 8-17
Admission to the team is by interview and audition only.  
Auditions for 2019 Team are now closed.  

Auditions for 2020 Team will begin in April 2019.

A class for students with an extreme interest in pursuing opportunities in the performing arts. A select group of musical theater actors will be selected to perform a full musical and then work on a 15 minute musical theater snippet to bring to the Jr. Theater Festival in Atlanta GA January 2018. Attending the Jr. Theater Festival and a 1 week summer camp is mandatory for all team members.  

Meets weekly for 2 hrs.  
Meets August 2018- January 2019

 For more information
email: info@tbpaa.com .